Cost of Business

Cost of business 15 percent lower
The cost of business in West Fargo is 15% less than the national average. West Fargo provides customized business services by working case by case with individual firms to solve both major and minor challenges that occur. Furthermore, our multi-faceted approach also means that once a business locates in West Fargo, West Fargo commits to establish a business’ staying power - regardless of the business’ size.

The City of West Fargo recognizes the myriad of benefits businesses bring to our community and intend to give all the aid and resources needed to maintain a sustainable business venture in West Fargo.


  • Corporate income tax exemption (for eligible businesses)
  • Early-stage financing resources
  • No personal property or gross receipts taxes
  • No sales tax on eligible services, manufacturing or computer / telecommunications equipment
  • Property tax exemptions for new or improved buildings (for eligible businesses)
  • Research and development tax credits
  • Seed and angel capital investment tax credits
  • State-sponsored workforce training grants
  • Wage credits for new employees

To review the incentives available for businesses in West Fargo, visit our Incentives page.