March 29, 2015

West Fargo Renaissance Zone

Renaissance Zone
The West Fargo Renaissance Zone was created in 2000 to spur private sector reinvestment in downtown and increase the overall vitality of the once central business district. The Renaissance Zone encompasses a twenty (20) block area primarily located on the Sheyenne Street, Center Street and Main Avenue Corridors. The Renaissance Zone boundary was selected because of the deteriorating building conditions and weakened tax base within the core area of West Fargo. This core area has seen the recent relocation of business activity move to the 13th Avenue East and 9th Street East corridor. The maximum duration of the Renaissance Zone is 15 years.

Working to keep a community healthy is an ongoing effort. The North Dakota State legislature wanted to provide another tool that could be used to strengthen communities. The development and investment activity that takes place within the Renaissance Zone may become eligible for a variety of tax exemptions and/or credits. These incentives are meant to stimulate growth which in turn will provide a renewed vitality to the designated geographic area (Renaissance Zone).

Approved zone projects are eligible for a five-year property tax exemption and state income tax exemptions.

Current Renaissance Zone Blocks in West Fargo
Guidelines for the approval of a Renaissance Zone project

Forms and Applications
 TitleModified DateDescription
Renaissance Zone Application and Closeout Checklist11/14/2013 
Renaissance Zone Guidelines for Project Approval11/14/2013The City of West Fargo wants to encourage significant investment within the Renaissance Zone to improve deteriorating properties by upgrading them to meet current needs and to curtail the vacation of buildings and continued weakening of the tax base.
West Fargo Renaissance Map11/14/2013 
Facade Improvement Application11/14/2013 
Facade Improvement Guidelines11/14/2013Information on the Facade Improvement Program
Renaissance Zone Application11/14/2013This form must be accompanied by a "Renaissance Zone Certificate of Good Standing". This can be obtained by filling out the certificate request form and following the instructions for submittal which are found on the form.