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Posted on: May 1, 2018

Severe Summer Weather Awareness Week: Tips for tornado safety

Tuesday - Tornadoes


1. Stay away from windows! - Debris caught in high-speed winds can break windows and cause you harm. Avoid taking shelter in rooms with windows, if possible.
2. Seek shelter! - Like with any storm, it is important to seek shelter in a permanent structure. If you live in a mobile home, head to your designated storm shelter. Over 40% of tornado-related deaths occur in mobile homes.
3. Get down! - Once you've found shelter, you should head to the basement if there is one. Try to place as many walls between you and outside as possible. If you aren't able to find shelter, still, get down. Lay on the ground or in a ditch or other low area.
3. Stay tuned! - Tornadoes can be deadly, so you want to make sure the coast is clear before you leave shelter. Have a storm radio, television, or your cellphone close so you can stay updated. It is easy to sign up for important alerts via CodeRED here: 
4. Have a plan! - It is important to have a plan in place BEFORE bad weather comes. Take the time to make a plan with your family and know your workplace tornado safety plans too!

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