May 28, 2016


Often called the backbone of a police department, patrol officers are the most visible portion of a police department. Patrol officers perform general policing functions to ensure the safety and security of lives and property within the City of West Fargo.

Officers perform both traffic enforcement, investigative duties, and can be assigned to specific projects such as Field Training Officer, Truck Regulatory Officer and other crime prevention activities.

Work performed can involve a considerable risk to personal safety and requires judgment and decision making when determining appropriate action. Work is generally performed independently and without the immediate presence of a supervisor.

Patrol is supervised by Patrol Sergeants Sgt. Jason Dura, Sgt. Gary Bommersbach, Sgt. Patrick Hanson and Sgt. Adam Gustafson.

Patrol Staff

Officer Special Assignments Serving Since
Joe Birrenkott CIT Coach, Maintains New Technology Equipment:LIDAR, Thermo-imager, Night-vision Components 1981
Rhonda Jorgensen Citizen Police Academy Advisor, Internet Safety, PACT, SRO 1999
Pete Nielsen K-9, Field Training Officer, DT Instructor 1999
Todd Pearson Field Training Officer, SRO 2000
Mark Morris Truck Regulatory Officer, Firearms Instructor, Maintains rifles and shotguns, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator 2000
Tyler Williams RRV SWAT Team Member, Firearms Instructor, Maintains Rifles and Shotguns 2002
Miles Orth Field Training Officer 2002
Jason Balvik SRO 2005
Ryan O'Donnell RRRV SWAT Negotiator 2005
Trent Stanton RRRV SWAT Negotiator, Former Detective, Field Training Officer 2006
Randy Burkhartsmeier Field Training Officer, Bomb Squad, Bike Patrol,Ride Along Coordinator and Internship Coordinator, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator,SSO 2007
Ryan Denis Maintains AED's, Vehicle Maintenance, FTO 2007
Shane Orn Bike Patrol, Field Training Officer, RRRV SWAT Operator 2008
Ryan Wuollet Honor Guard, Bike Patrol, FTO 2012
Cody Beilke DT Instructor, Gang Officer 2012
Ben Nechiporenko Tobacco Compliance, Bike Patrol 2012
Craig Danielson RRRV SWAT Operator, DT Instructor,Honor Guard, Alcohol Compliance, Server Training Instructor 2012
Kyle Hinrichs Explorer Post Assistant Advisor 2013
Dora Roll Medical Bags, Coffee with a Cop, CIT Coach 2013
Wes Christianson Gang Officer, SRO 2014
Kyle Johnson Maintains SD5 and Intox 2014
Ryan Birney Alcohol Compliance 2014
Eric Sorenson 2014
Ryan Feltman   2014
Benjamin Orr  K9 2014
Ryan Haskell   2014
Michael Kane   2014
Derek Werner   2014
Mackenzie Carr 2015
Aaron Ostlund 2015
Brock Ackerman 2015
Michael Pietron  Explorer Post Assistant Advisor 2015
Grant Richardson  


Matthew Oldham      2015

Joseph Solberg

Austin Bagley   2016