December 18, 2014

Juvenile Officer

Officer Terry Styf serves as West Fargo Police Department Juvenile Officer. Officer Styf has been with the West Fargo Police Department since 1989 and is also assigned to the RRV SWAT Team as a Negotiator. In 1995 the West Fargo Police Department established a Juvenile Officer Position to work primarily with young people, under the age of 18, who have come into conflict with the law and are experiencing personal, home, community or school problems. These youth will have come to the attention of the West Fargo Police Department through a process of:

    • Juvenile criminal activity.
    • Crisis intervention.
    • Referral from schools, social service or concerned citizens.

The Juvenile Officer is very active in our community giving presentations to the public as well as to school classes and or youth groups on juvenile activity and other issues of concern. Since youth are our future, the position of Juvenile Officer has both the opportunity and responsibility to make changes in peoples' lives that will affect us for many years to come.

Officer Styf also serves as a Juvenile Drug Court Advisory Board Member .

To contact the Juvenile Officer call:
Or the Tipline at:

The Juvenile Officer is supervised by Sgt. Greg Warren.