December 11, 2017


City standards for service can be viewed under City Service Standards. There are also Additional Water and Sewer Service Standards available. You may contact the City Engineer or Public Works to get more information. To officially request services you can use the standard Request for Improvements form as a guideline.

This letter can be sent to the City Engineer, Public Works Department or City Administrator.

The City will not perform legal surveys. Front pins are usually 2' behind the sidewalk but can vary. You can try to locate the property pins (rebar located below the ground) with a metal detector. A legal boundary survey can be performed by a Registered Land Surveyor in the State of North Dakota to obtain locations.

Legally, the City of West Fargo has no jurisdiction in rear yard drainage issues. Only certain catch basins within City easements can be addressed. If there is a problem at a catch basin call the Public Works Department at (701) 433-5400. For other drainage issues, such as excess fill or other blockages, the first course of action is to contact your neighbors.

The Engineering Department can help mediate but cannot make enforceable decisions. The Engineering Department can only give recommendations to help rectify or improve the situation and will provide survey services on a limited basis (usually along the rear property line) to help establish those recommendations. Drainage issues may be addressed to

The City of West Fargo employs Moore Engineering, Inc. to plan and provide engineering services for the city. Dustin Scott, the City Engineer, is located at the City of West Fargo office, 800 4th Avenue East, and Matt Welle, the Assistant City Engineer, is located at Moore Engineering’s headquarters, 925 10th Avenue East. See more on Moore Engineering here ( .

Their hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. They can be contacted at (701) 282-4692 or faxed at (701) 282-4530.

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West Fargo Building Inspections

800 4th Ave E, West Fargo ND 58078
Contact:  (701) 433-5480 


Building Permits

The City of West Fargo helps ensure construction of safe buildings and protects community character through building code regulations and zoning laws.  The Building Inspection Division administers these laws through permits and inspections.  When you as a homeowner build something in West Fargo, or change the way you use your home/property, you may need to obtain a permit. 

Building Activity Reports

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