December 21, 2014
Does West Fargo have any incentives for businesses?
What is a Renaissance Zone?
What is a Veterans Exemption?
What is a Homestead Credit for Low Income Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons?
What is the blind exemption?
What is an appraisal and why does the city want to do it?
What is the Two Year Incentive Program?
What is the remodeling exemption?
What is the wheelchair exemption?
Does the City participate in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program?
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Use of Assessor Questionnaires

The State of North Dakota requires that all real estate be appraised at market value for ad valoreum tax purposes.  The West Fargo Assessment Department reappraises all real estate in the city on a continuing basis to assure that all property values are uniform and the burden of taxes is distributed as equitably as possible.

As part of the City on the Grow, West Fargo City Assessment Staff are busy maintaining property valuations for the city.  In today’s world with limited staff on the city’s part and busy time schedules of property owners, it isn’t always possible for property owners and staff to meet as frequently as necessary to review amenities of the property. 

Questionnaires are becoming an increasing popular way for our city to accomplish interaction between the property and assessor.  If you are reading this page, you have probably received a letter asking you to complete one of our questionnaires.

Sales Questionnaire

If you recently purchased an existing home in West Fargo, we are asking your assistance in verifying some information on the sale of the property.  Information regarding recent real estate transactions aids our office in appraising all properties in the City of West Fargo.  Your cooperation will help in our efforts to maintain fair and equitable valuations throughout the city.

Sales Questionaire

Bilevel Questionnaire

To determine fair market value of a property, appraisers review and verify market sales, as well as cost data, according to accepted appraisal practices.  Analysis of recent homes sales in certain newer areas of West Fargo indicates that there are inequities in the distribution of property values.  These inequities appear to be primarily caused by an inaccurate inventory of lower level finish in bi-level homes.  Therefore, the Assessment Department is in the process of reviewing all bi-level homes to ensure equity.

We are asking your assistance in verifying basement level finish on your property.  Please click on the Bilevel Questionnaire below

Bilevel Questionnaire