February 12, 2016


The City of West Fargo employs Moore Engineering, Inc to provide engineering services for the City. They are located at 925 10th Avenue East, just south of the West Fargo High School. Mark Housh is our building inspector, Kevin Bucholz is the City Engineer and Dustin Scott is the Assistant City Engineer.

Their hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. They can be contacted at (701) 282-4692 or faxed at (701) 282-4530.

If you have any questions or concerns with a current City construction project please contact the Engineering Department at wfconst@mooreengineeringinc.com. Concerns with specific new building issues should be addressed to the Building Inspections Department.

Older infrastructure issues: street lights being out, potholes, damaged street signs etc. should be addressed to the Public Works Department at (701) 433-5400.

Yes, we have several retail sites, office sites and industrial sites available to fit any commercial need. Please check out the website at www.westfargond.gov/econdev/Business for listing of available properties.

YES! Please do not dig if you plan on digging a foot or more down on your property. North Dakota One Call (www.ndonecall.com) was put in place to save lives by locating underground utilities. The service is free to homeowners and it takes about five minutes to answer the questions. Some of the things you should be able to answer before calling: address where digging is going to take place, the nearest intersection street, depth that you will be digging, date that the excavation will take place and good driving directions to your location.

The number is 1-800-795-0555 or simply 811. You can also submit requests online at www.ndonecall.com.

Monday through Friday at noon the sirens are tested in West Fargo. The first Wednesday of every month at 1:00 pm the sirens in the West Fargo, Fargo and Moorhead communities are tested. The sirens are also tested one time each quarter, the date of this test will be announced in the Fargo Forum and West Fargo News.

If the sirens are activated in West Fargo, at other times than these, please check your local news and radio stations for emergency messages. The sirens are not used only for tornados but are also used to alert the public of other types of severe weather emergencies, as well as, to alert residents of other types of dangerous conditions that may occur.

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West Fargo City Engineer

Kevin Bucholz serves as the City Engineer. Kevin Bucholz

(701) 282-4692

The City of West Fargo contracts Moore Engineering for its engineering needs.  They help plan and supervise all improvement projects in the city.