February 07, 2016

Water Treatment Plant Study

A study to implement a Water Treatment Plant is underway. This is the second step of a multi-step process. The objective is to determine what technical process (type of plant) the City should construct. Other facets such as plant location and a well study will also be looked at with this study.

Water Treatment Plant

The purpose of a water treatment plant is to provide a consistent supply of high quality of water to meet the needs of our City (both for homeowners and commercial/industrial users). We currently have enough water to meet our needs for the near future; the underground aquifers we currently utilize are slowly being depleted. New sources need to be developed to continue our quality of life and the continued ability to grow. What this means is water from the Sheyenne River would become the primary source of our water. The City’s existing source of water (wells scattered throughout the City), will be used to augment the future supply when needed.


More information can be found by clicking on the link(s) below. As the process continues, this page will be updated with more information.