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How does the West Fargo Fire Department (WFFD) operate?
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West Fargo Fire Department

The City of West Fargo Fire Department is actually two departments under one roof. There is the City Department that covers the City of West Fargo; which is an area that extends to Mapleton down to 52nd Avenue South and to the Harwood exchange. Then there is the Rural Department which covers the Townships of Reed, Raymond and Mapleton. They also cover the Cities of Reile’s Acres and North River. These two departments have all the same officers, members and directors so they are able to share personnel and equipment between both departments. 

Contact Information:

Phone: (701) 433-5380
Address: 106 1st Street West, West Fargo, ND 58078


The City of West Fargo Fire Department is a private non-profit corporation. Operating funds are generated through yearly contracts with the City of West Fargo and the three Townships that they serve. They also receive donations throughout the year and apply for any grants that are applicable to their operation. They are governed by a board of directors that is made up of members of the department. There are five Board members that serve three year terms. These terms are elected at the annual Board meeting, which is held the third Tuesday in January of every year. They have alternating terms so that for two consecutive years they will elect two Board members and then the third year they will elect only one Board member. The current Board members are:

*Ken Zetocha-President
*Chris Rolph-1st Vice President
*Tim Bonnema-2nd Vice President
*Joe Tintes-Treasurer
*Joey Porter-Secretary
The three full time employees of the Fire Department are: Roy Schatschneider (Fire Chief), Dell Sprecher (Assistant Chief and Lead Fire Inspection Officer), and Kendel Frost (Fire Inspector and Assistant Training Officer). The volunteers at the Fire Department have been Fire Fighter 1 and Fire Fighter 2 certified or are going through the training.
The City of West Fargo has expanded rapidly since the year 2000 and development south of I-94 has offered new challenges to the Fire Department. In order to reduce their response times, the Fire Department has acquired property located at the intersection of 29th Ave. & 5th St. West and built a second fire station. The building includes five truck bays, offices and space for future 24 hour staffing. The West Fargo Police Department is also utilizing the new Fire Department building by using it as a substation, occupying one bay and some of the office and storage areas. This facility is greatly reducing response times for both the Fire and Police Departments.

WFFD Staff


Roy Schatschneider, Fire Chief

Dell Sprecher, Head Fire Inspector

Kendel Frost, Fire Inspector