October 28, 2016

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WFPD 2016 DUI Arrests



When we are hiring we list all job announcements on our website, as well as, with the local newspaper and Job Service of ND. Qualifications and information for employment with the West Fargo Police Department is listed on their website.

For further questions regarding law enforcement employment, please contact Officer Randy Burkhartsmeier at 701-433-5500.

You may pay for a parking ticket issued by a police officer in West Fargo by either coming to the West Fargo Police Department and pay the ticket in person during business hours.

The police department is located at 800 4th Avenue East. Or mailing the payment in to the Police Department at : West Fargo Police Department, 800 4th Avenue East, Ste 2, West Fargo ND 58078. The payment can be made in cash, check or money order form.

The Cass County Jail operates 24 hours a day. It is located at 450 34th Street South in Fargo. You can contact the jail at Sheriff@co.cass.nd.us or by calling 701-241-5799.

If the person is arrested by a West Fargo police officer and you want to post bail, please contact the West Fargo Police Department at 701-433-5500, any time of the day or night for further instructions.

A person who receives a traffic ticket may contest it by going to the court he/she is cited to appear at (court is listed on the citation) and posting bail (paying the amount of the citation). After the person has posted bail, the court clerk will assign a court date. On the specified date, the person will be able to plead his/her case before a judge and question the officer. If the judge rules in the person's favor, the bail he/she posted will be refunded.

For further information you can contact the West Fargo Municipal Clerk of Court at 701-433-5516.

The West Fargo Police Department currently uses MTW Towing as its towing agent. Their phone number is 701-281-9637. All inquiries regarding the impounded vehicle should be referred to them.

You can contact the Police Department at 701-433-5500 and give the license plate information to our police clerk, who will look up the plate for you. They will be able to tell you if the vehicle has been towed or if someone has reported it stolen. If it has been towed, they will give you the phone number to our tow truck agent.

Yes. Not only is it required by the city of West Fargo, it is also a great way to find your bicycle in case it is stolen. Bicycle license can be obtained at the West Fargo Police Department. The cost of a bike license is $1.00 and needs to be done only one time per bike.

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A Child Is Missing

A Child is Missing is a Fort Lauderdale-based non-profit organization founded in 1997, it was created because no community-based program existed for locating missing children, the disabled and elderly often (with Alzheimer's) during the crucial first hours of disappearance

West Fargo Police Department

Michael D Reitan serves as the Chief of Police for the West Fargo Police Department.

Phone Number:  (701) 433-5500
Emergency Phone Number:  911
Fax Number:  (701) 433-5508
Address:  800 4th Avenue East, Suite 2, West Fargo, ND 58078

About the West Fargo Police Department

The West Fargo Police Department has grown from three officers and two squad cars in 1968 to a current team of 58 hard-working members. The department has helped the population of West Fargo grow from 5,000 citizens to approximately 33,000.

Employees of the West Fargo Police Department pride themselves on ethical and professional principles. The department is proud of what they do and whom they serve.

Mission Statement

The mission of the West Fargo Police Department is to protect life and property, and enhance the quality of life for all of our citizens. To accomplish this mission, we will utilize organizational and problem-solving strategies and develop police-community partnerships to address the causes of crime and social disorder.




Police News

Oct 23 Sun
On 10/23/16 the West Fargo Police were dispatched to a single vehicle injury accident in the 3500 block of Eagle Run Lane.
Oct 17 Mon
On October 17, 2016 at 3:59pm the West Fargo Police Dept. responded to an injury accident at Meyer Dr. and Prairie Pkwy involving a vehicle vs. bicycle. Hamdi Mohamud 27 of Fargo was driving West on Prairie Pkwy when a 13 year old boy was riding his bike North on 12th Ave and ran into the side of Mohamud’s vehicle. The boy was transported to the hospital by family as a precaution.
Oct 06 Thu
Bismarck and Fargo, N.D. – The North Dakota 9-1-1 Association and local governments throughout the state announced that as of October 6, 2016, Texting to 9-1-1 is now available statewide.

Police Announcements

Oct 24 Mon
The City of West Fargo Police Department is seeking a Transcriptionist.
Oct 13 Thu
WEST FARGO, ND – (October 12, 2016) – Today the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) Director Grant Levi along with West Fargo Mayor Rich Mattern and other state and local government leaders joined to celebrate the completion of West Fargo’s major reconstruction project along Main Avenue. Together, the group unveiled the completed project at a community ribbon cutting event and discussed the long path of improving four miles of the roadway. Reconstruction efforts began in 2009 and finished this fall, with the 2015 and 2016 project work marking the third and final phase of the reconstruction plan for Main Ave. Project costs of the seven-year plan totaled nearly $61 million.
Oct 12 Wed
This week, drivers and pedestrians have seen crews removing most of the traffic control devices from the work zone and reopening all eastbound and westbound lanes of Main Avenue from Sheyenne Street to 12th Street W to traffic in West Fargo.

Police Articles

Oct 13 Thu
The scales of justice have long symbolized the balance between truth and fairness within the modern-day judicial system. In criminal matters, the balance of the scale is held in favor of the accused based upon the rights granted within the United States Constitution. A person is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty within a court of law. The accused must be granted the ability to confront their accuser and examine any evidence that may be presented at trial. The person must not be subjected to the unreasonable search and seizure of their property nor cruel or unusual punishment. The government’s burden is to present evidence sufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the criminal act for which they have been accused. The weight of the government’s evidence placed upon the scale’s pan must be great enough to move the balance of the scales of justice from a position of innocence for the defendant to a position of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
Oct 06 Thu
Taxicabs to be registered During the July 6th City Commission meeting the West Fargo City Commission approved Ordinance 10-15 Taxicabs, an ordinance to regulate the business of transportation for hire. The purpose of the ordinance is to ensure established public safety standards relating to the transportation of passengers are met. The ordinance requires any individual or company wishing to operate a taxicab in West Fargo to be licensed through the city. There is a provision within the law to allow taxicabs licensed in another jurisdiction to provide services in West Fargo if the other jurisdiction’s licensing requirements are similar to the West Fargo ordinance. The application process is administered through the Auditor’s Office.
Sep 08 Thu
In a recent evening news broadcast a person was featured in a story reporting having been approached by a male while shopping in a local store. The person had contacted the media outlet to report a male who had followed the person around the store and made the person feel uncomfortable. A second story appeared in the news a couple days later. Same scenario, a person contacted the media to report a male who had followed the person around the store and made the person feel uncomfortable. This time the male allegedly touched the arm of the person. Both news stories ended the same way with the statement that neither victim contacted law enforcement about the incidents. By not reporting the incidents to law enforcement an opportunity was lost where an investigation may have identified the responsible male and stopped future incidents.