July 30, 2015

Police Articles

Jul 27 Mon
The West Fargo Police Department uses a variety of resources to monitor and enforce traffic laws within the city. Most noticeable are the marked police vehicles and uniformed patrol officers. The officers conduct routine traffic enforcement activities throughout their assigned area of responsibility. Officers may also be assigned specific enforcement areas based on citizen complaints relating to traffic issues or as determined through analysis of traffic violations or crash data.
Jun 29 Mon
The City of West Fargo adopted new regulations relating to the possession and discharge of fireworks within the city. It is now permissible for any individual who is at least 12 years of age to use, explode or possess any retail fireworks within the limits of the City of West Fargo, commencing July 4 at 8:00 a.m. CST, and ending on July 4 at 11:59 p.m. CST, and commencing on December 31 at 8:00 p.m. CST, and ending on January 1 at 1:00 a.m. CST.
Jun 22 Mon
Summer activities increase the potential interaction between people and domestic pets. While most encounters are peaceable, some do result in bite injuries to a person or another person’s pet. A pet responsible for such attacks can be deemed a dangerous or vicious animal under West Fargo Ordinance 11-0101(4) if: when unprovoked, the pet inflicts a bite on any human or domestic animal either on private or public property; it has a documented history with the West Fargo Police Department or other public agency of biting or attacking any human or domestic animal; it has a known propensity, tendency, or disposition to attack, to cause injury, or otherwise threaten or endanger the safety of humans or domestic animals; or is not properly vaccinated.
Jun 15 Mon
The city of West Fargo has installed recreational trails throughout the city for the purpose of creating interconnectivity to parks, schools and neighborhoods. The trails see heavy use by people walking, running, skating or biking. The difference in speed for each of the modes of travel can create conflict and could result in someone being injured. To help avoid such conflict, ordinances have been enacted as to where and how a person can ride a bicycle. Practiced courtesies amongst all users can also reduce potential hazardous conditions.
Jun 09 Tue
The West Fargo Police Department is urging citizens of West Fargo to register their information on the CodeRED Website. CodeRED is a high-speed telephone emergency notification service that gives city and county officials the ability to deliver customized pre-recorded telephone messages directly to homes or businesses, or to targeted areas or the entire city at the rate of up to 60, 000 calls per hour. Several typical CodeRED emergency alert system uses include environmental or natural disasters, search and rescue, school emergencies, man-made disasters, crime notification and public works emergencies.
Jun 02 Tue
When news worthy incidents occur within the city of West Fargo the police department submits information to the public through conventional media organizations and social media sites. The information may be educational, entertaining or a notification of a serious event that has occurred within the community. It is important to understand the goal of the department is for the correct information to be disseminated to avoid confusion or fear.
May 26 Tue
There is a common misconception within the public that a person required to register as an offender has committed an offense which is sexually related. Under North Dakota Century Code 12.1-32-15 a person may be required to register as an offender upon pleading guilty or being found guilty of certain crimes against a child or for a sexual assault regardless the victim’s age.
May 18 Mon
West Fargo City Ordinance 13-1604 prohibits the parking of commercial vehicles and trailers upon the public roadway within a residential district. Exemptions to the restriction include: for a period of time no longer than what is necessary to load or unload their cargo; while performing a necessary repair to the public roadway or public utility; or outside a residence where construction or repair is occurring and adequate off street parking is not available. At no time will a semi-trailer be dollied down, or detached from the truck tractor on any street, avenue, boulevard, or alley in any district of the City of West Fargo.
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