January 29, 2015

Police Articles

Jan 26 Mon
The North Dakota Department of Health may be assigned soon to regulate, approve and monitor the production, sales and use of marijuana for medical purposes. The marijuana would be without the approval process established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Jan 13 Tue
While preparing for the 2014 Year in Review it was noted seven new officers were added during 2014. Three of the officers were hired based on the approval of the City Commission. Four others were hired to replace a retired employee; two officers who relocated to be closer to family; and one officer who resigned. Just as impressive is the number of employees who have been with the department for an extended period of years.
Jan 07 Wed
Considerable discussion has taken place following the death of an area police officer by suicide in March of 2014. Personal pressures from a discipline issue the officer faced at work have been cited by the family as a contributing factor. A potential loss of status as a respected law enforcement officer in the community may also have played a role. What actually caused the officer to make the fatal decision are answers we will never know.
Dec 29 Mon
The West Fargo Police Department has under gone a year of change during 2014. Arland Rasmussen retired on June 21st after having served as Chief of Police since January 9, 1995. Rasmussen had replaced long term Chief of Police Ken Hansen who retired due to medical reasons. Rasmussen’s replacement is Mike Reitan who was hired by Hansen in April of 1987. This past November, Rasmussen was elected to serve his first term as a Cass County Commissioner.
Dec 22 Mon
It was about 7:30 on a Saturday evening. The apartment building was nearly deserted as most of the college age tenants had left town over the Christmas break.
Dec 01 Mon
The right to a trial by jury is one of the foundation stones of this country's courts. As a juror you have a key role in the state's justice system.
Nov 29 Sat
The West Fargo Police Department will soon be providing surveys to the public to gauge the satisfaction of service and to determine what additional programs are needed.
Oct 15 Wed
On the 6th of October the West Fargo City Commission completed the first reading of an ordinance establishing a one year moratorium relating to Opioid Treatment Clinics.
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