February 05, 2016

Police Articles

Feb 03 Wed
Pet owners are reminded of the need to complete the yearly renewal of their pet license. All dogs and cats over twelve (12) weeks of age kept or maintained in the City shall be licensed and registered. Licenses are issued by the Police Department at the cost of six dollars for an animal that has been spaded or neutered; ten dollars if the animal is not spaded or neutered; and one hundred dollars per animal when the owner possesses four or more animals.
Jan 19 Tue
Law enforcement officers are a gateway by which many people in the community begin to receive services relating to mental health, chemical dependency or an identified vulnerability. An officer’s simple observation of a person’s behaviors relating to mental health or chemical dependency can frequently identify a person in need of service. The behaviors of a person in need of protective services due to their vulnerability can be more difficult to recognize or detect as there is typically a gradual onset of symptoms. Those people closest to the person may not recognize the bit by bit changes that occur over a period of days, weeks, or months. An officer entering the situation with a clear eye may quickly see symptoms the family has overlooked.
Jan 11 Mon
December brought a change in the weather. It also brought some change within the West Fargo Police Department. Three new police officers, Matt Oldham, Austin Bagley and Joe Solberg have joined the Department. Oldham had been an employee of the City of Fargo and a Cass County Reserve Deputy. Bagley had worked as a deputy sheriff with the Williams County Sheriff’s Office and Solberg worked as a corrections officer for Clay County and as a part time police officer in Dilworth. Their current positions are partially funded by a Department of Justice Grant.
Jan 06 Wed
A person choosing to go into the profession of law enforcement must recognize, as an officer, they will be under the constant scrutiny of their critics and will be held to a higher standard of conduct than the general public. The officer’s behavior, on-duty or off-duty, has a significant impact on the officer’s career and on the public’s perception of the officer. Those perceptions may also be focused upon the agency the officer is employed by and upon all the men and women who serve within the law enforcement community.
Dec 29 Tue
The mild start to our winter season has had many in the community enjoying the warmer than average temperatures. At the same time a group of outdoor enthusiasts were hoping for that first measurable snowfall of the winter. The few inches of snow received over the past couple weeks certainly does not make ideal conditions for snowmobiling but a few operators are still testing their machines. Snowmobilers and ATV operators are reminded West Fargo Ordinance 13-2003 makes it unlawful for any person to drive or operate a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle (ATV) within the city limits of the City of West Fargo
Dec 28 Mon
An unfortunate incident occurred in West Fargo on Tuesday December 15th. With weather forecasters predicting anywhere from four to eight inches of snow and blizzard like conditions to arrive in the West Fargo area by 10:00 PM, a mother looked into the backyard at her boys playing. The time was around 5:30 PM. When she checked later the boys, ages seven and nine, were gone. The mother attempted to locate them on her own but eventually called the police at 9:34 PM. As predicted the snow had begun to fall and the winds were picking up. Officers checked the home first and then began checking other buildings and local convenience stores in the area. The officers also began the slow process of knocking on doors, waking people from their sleep in search of the missing boys.
Dec 15 Tue
As expected, the number of burglaries to buildings and theft from vehicles was up in November when compared to the numbers in October. Police investigators in West Fargo and Fargo were able to link a number of these cases to similar crimes committed in Fargo. Many of the thefts from motor vehicles involved the taking of hunting rifles and shotguns as well as binoculars, GPS units and other outdoor accessories.
Dec 10 Thu
You may have prepared your home for winter weather; now it’s time to prepare your car. Seasonal changes also mean changes to your emergency supply kit.
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