February 07, 2016
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 Citizen Police Academy


Since it began in September of 2000, the West Fargo Citizen Police Academy has been very popular.

This program is designed to increase the understanding between citizens and the police through hands on training.

In addition to specialized classroom training, citizens are exposed to patrol duties with Police Department Officers. Citizens will participate in a wide range of training from classroom sessions to actual training scenarios.

Citizen Police Academy participants are not actually trained for police work. However, participants will have a better understanding of the West Fargo Police Department operations and the day to day responsibilities and duties that officers are tasked with on a regular basis. Through your participation in the Citizens Police Academy program you will have greater understanding of the West Fargo Police Department and you will be promoting community awareness which in itself is the most powerful force any law enforcement agency has in the fight against crime.

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 Recommended by Chief Rasmussen


The West Fargo Police Department is proud to offer a unique program to the residents of West Fargo called Citizens Police Academy. The program is meant to be educational and help our residents better understand both their police department and the community.

As Chief of Police, I am excited about the opportunity this program brings to both the citizens we serve and to the officers and staff within the Police Department. Better communitication promotes better understanding by both the officers and the citizens we serve. Perhaps no branch of government is more dependant on the cooperation of the public than your Police Department because police work has its inception in good citizenship. One of the most effective deterrents to crime is an alert public. A public who is aware of its responsibilities and willing to cooperate with their law enforcement officers.

I welcome you to join the Citizens Police Academy and share in the learning process. I believe your participation in the academy will be fun, interesting and rewarding.

Chief of Police, Arland H. Rasmussen