February 09, 2016

Police Sergeants

The West Fargo Police Department has five Police Sergeants.

  • Sergeant Jason Dura - Serving since 1996 - Also serves as a Field Training Officer Supervisor and EVOC Instructor, Honor Guard
  • Sergeant Gary Bommersbach - Serving since 1984 - Also serves as a Field Training Officer and Firearms Instructor
  • Sergeant Patrick Hanson - Serving since 2006. - He worked as a patrol officer until he became the department’s Support Services Officer in January 2014. Hanson also worked as a field training officer and as an advisor on the youth police academy. The youth police academy taught high school students about the career of law enforcement.
  • Sergeant Adam Gustafson -  Serving since March of 2009 working as a patrol officer  Gustafson represented the West Fargo Police Department as an investigator on the Drug Enforcement Agency Task Force beginning in January 2013. He also served as a field training officer providing department specific law enforcement training to newly hired police officers.

    The Police Sergeants have the same responsibilites as the patrol officer, however their additional duties are to supervise the day-to-day functions of the patrol division.
    1. Answer questions officers may have regarding performance of their duties.
    2. Plan and prepare work schedules.
    3. Respond to all serious incidents or accidents that occur during their shift.
    4. Make recommendations as to training needs.
    5. Assist administration and assume full command of the police department in the absence of the Chief, Assistant Chief, and/or the Lieutenant.