May 30, 2015

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May 26 Tue

There is a common misconception within the public that a person required to register as an offender has committed an offense which is sexually related. Under North Dakota Century Code 12.1-32-15 a person may be required to register as an offender upon pleading guilty or being found guilty of certain crimes against a child or for a sexual assault regardless the victim’s age.

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May 18 Mon

West Fargo City Ordinance 13-1604 prohibits the parking of commercial vehicles and trailers upon the public roadway within a residential district. Exemptions to the restriction include: for a period of time no longer than what is necessary to load or unload their cargo; while performing a necessary repair to the public roadway or public utility; or outside a residence where construction or repair is occurring and adequate off street parking is not available. At no time will a semi-trailer be dollied down, or detached from the truck tractor on any street, avenue, boulevard, or alley in any district of the City of West Fargo.

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May 04 Mon

Going into North Dakota’s 64th Legislative Session one of the concerns of the West Fargo Police Department was the privacy rights of citizens and the growing national pressure for law enforcement to incorporate body worn cameras in everyday operations. Working with local elected officials and representatives from the media, House Bill 1264 was drafted with the intent of making a video image recorded by a police officer or firefighter body camera an exempt record.

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Apr 27 Mon

Road construction and peak traffic counts at certain times of day create frustration for drivers trying to get around town. Many factors play into why construction occurs when it does and why traffic is heavier at certain times of the day. Small changes like adjusting the time you begin your travel and knowing alternate routes can reduce the agony of being delayed.

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Apr 21 Tue

Summer Storm Season The City of West Fargo will be testing the outdoor emergency warning sirens beginning 9 AM on 22 April. The testing is completed twice yearly to ensure proper operation and is more comprehensive than the functional check that is done at noon each day. The spring siren testing should serve as a reminder for residence to review their summer storm preparations. The following information is provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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Apr 13 Mon

Research indicates that parents play a pivotal role in keeping young people out of gangs. Negative influences within the family—including domestic violence, child abuse, harsh or inconsistent parenting practices, and/or drug/alcohol abuse by family members—can increase the risk that a youth will join a gang. Parents can protect their children from gang activity through taking positive actions, such as monitoring their children’s activities, fostering close relationships with them, and using positive discipline strategies. However, parents often lack factual information about gangs.

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Apr 06 Mon

Vehicles coming out of storage will again begin appearing around the community. Owners of recreational vehicles are reminded of the existing ordinances relating to parking. Parking regulations apply to both on street parking and parking upon your property. Under the traffic ordinances 13-1608 has been enacted to discourage the long term storage of recreational vehicles upon city streets. 13-1608. PARKING OF RECREATIONAL VEHICLES, RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT AND RECREATIONAL TRAILERS. No recreational vehicle, recreational equipment or recreational trailer may be parked upon any street, boulevard or alley within a residentially zoned district for a period exceeding seventy-two (72) hours.

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Apr 02 Thu

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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