The cost of business in West Fargo is 15% less than the national average. West Fargo provides customized business services by working case by case with individual firms to solve both major and minor challenges that occur. Furthermore, our multi-faceted approach also means that once a business locates in West Fargo, West Fargo commits to establish a business’ staying power — regardless of the business’ size. The City of West Fargo recognizes the myriad of benefits businesses bring to our community and intend to give all the aid and resources needed to maintain a sustainable business venture in West Fargo.
  • Research and development tax credits
  • Corporate income tax exemption*
  • Property tax exemptions for new or improved buildings*
  • No personal property or gross receipts taxes
  • No sales tax on eligible services, manufacturing or computer/telecommunications equipment
  • Seed and angel capital investment tax credits
  • Early-stage financing resources
  • State-sponsored workforce training grants
  • Wage credits for new employees
  • *for eligible businesses

West Fargo Workforce Facts

More Facts about North Dakota

North Dakota residents and businesses as of 2012 are enjoying over $1 billion in cuts to personal, corporate and property taxes.
North Dakota Tax Commissioner

North Dakota is one of only a few states with a budget surplus.
North Dakota Office of Management and Budget

North Dakota ranks as the #2 top growth performer in the nation and has been listed among the country’s top growth performers since 2000.
US Chamber of Commerce, 2011

North Dakota ranks #1 in the nation for state competitiveness.
Beacon Hill Competitiveness Index, 2010

Forbes Magazine has recognized North Dakota as the #4 state for business.
Forbes Magazine

North Dakota’s exports have increased 303% since 2000.
US Department of Commerce, 2011
North Dakota Workers - Best in Nation
North Dakota has the lowest workers compensation rates in the nation.

North Dakota ranks #1 in the nation for gross domestic product.
Bureau of Economic Analysis

North Dakota ranks #1 in the nation for Best Jobs Market.
Gallup Job Creation Index, 2011

The Milken Institute Report on Best Performing Cities 2010 named Fargo-Moorhead Metro as #1 in the nation for smaller cities.
Milken Institute

More information can be found at

North Dakota exhibited leadership that truly understands the importance of producing the best business environment, and thus the best opportunities for job growth and economic prosperity. All 10 top-ranked states should be held up as models for the other 40 states and the federal government.

In the U.S. today, if you combine state, local, and federal taxes, the tax burden on companies is among the highest the world. Add labor costs, and we are one of the highest cost nations to do business in. American companies, if they are to survive in a global economy, must be located in the most pro-business locations possible.

Real Estate/Facilities

Effective averages for Fargo, ND, According to NAI Global

  • Rent/Lease
    • $12.00-$16.50/sf to rent quality office space
    • $5.50-$6.50/sf to rent industrial space
  • Development land construction costs
    • $9.00-$15.00/acre to build in commercial building district

Public Policy

Constitutionally balance budget

  • $1.2 billion surplus
  • No deficit

Person-to-person access to public officials
Only state-owned bank in the nation offers business expansion funds


In 2011, State Legislature lowered top corporate income tax rate from 10.5% to 6.4%