Special Assessment Projects

Upcoming Special Assessment Improvement Districts

Roundabout at 9th Street W and 52nd Ave W

Improvement District No. 2276

Project: A traffic study was completed in 2021 which studied the 52nd Avenue and 9th Street intersection and in that study, it was recommended that a roundabout be constructed within 5 years. 

This project seeks to improve safety at the intersection of 9th Street W and 52nd Ave W adjacent to Legacy Elementary. The elementary school has requested pedestrian improvements at this intersection and has stated that the current cross walk at the intersection is inadequate for the safety of the children crossing in their opinion. In May of 2022 a traffic count was conducted that showed nearly 100 pedestrians at the peak PM hour which is sure to have increased with additional development. 

A roundabout is proposed because a traffic signal warrant does not exist, and existing fiber infrastructure is 1.5 miles away at Sheyenne and 40th Ave.

Roundabout at 23rd Ave E and 6th Street E

Improvement District No. 2280

Project:Two traffic studies were completed since 2020 on this corridor. In the 2023 study completed by Bolton & Menk, a roundabout was recommended to be installed. 

A standard traffic signal would be adequate for current traffic, but would provide less adequate Level of Service (LOS) upon future development of the area. 

This project seeks to increase the capacity of the intersection of 23rd Ave E and 6th Street E. This intersection has recent commercial development and planned future development which will increase the traffic through the existing corridor. In the study completed in February 2023 was recommended a roundabout be completed at this intersection to compliment the intersection improvements at 23rd Ave E and Bluestem Drive.

Sandhills 6th Addition

Improvement District No. 1345

Project: This project will support the development of land located west of 26th St NW between 4th Avenue N and Interstate I‐94. Work will include New Water Supply, Sewerage, Street Systems and Incidentals located within the proposed Sandhills 6th Addition subdivision. 

Estimated Project Cost: $7,360,000 (July 10, 2023)

Reconstruction and Urbanization of 9th Street NE

Street Improvement District No. 2265

Project: This project consists of the reconstruction and urbanization of 9th Street NE between Main Avenue E. and 12th Avenue E. Anticipated improvements include a three-lane section with center turn lanes, pedestrian facilities, lighting, railroad crossing upgrades, stormwater/drainage, and other City utility modifications. 

Prior to construction, the project will have three phases of preparation.

  1. Project scoping
  2. Preliminary engineering and environmental clearance
  3. Final design

This project is tentatively scheduled to be bid on Nov. 8, 2024, and constructed in 2025.


The project is included in the City's Capital Improvement Plan with a rough cost estimate of $10.5 million. Funding sources will include a North Dakota Department of Transportation Urban Roads Program grant of $7.52 million, capital improvement sales tax and special assessments.

7th Avenue NW & 5th Street Court NW

Street Improvement District No. 2271

Project: Pave 7th Avenue NW and 5th Street Court NW to current standards. The existing gravel roadway is proposed to be reconstructed to a concrete surface with necessary storm sewer and utility adjustments to support traffic to this area, including new development in the Stockyards Addition. This project includes new concrete paving, street lighting, and storm sewer.

Estimate of probable cost: $3,550,000

Traffic Signal at 9th Street W. and 32nd Avenue W.

Street Improvement District No. 2270

Project: Install a 4-way traffic signal at the intersection to improve traffic flow along both corridors. The project will also add flashing yellow arrows for the east-west traffic to help with turning traffic during off-peak traffic.

Estimate of probable cost (Nov. 21, 2022): $860,000

The Wilds 21st Addition

Sewer, Water, Storm and Street Improvement District No. 1337

Project: Three separate projects contained within and adjacent to the proposed Wilds 21st Addition install utilities, paving and grading improvements as petitioned by Westport Investments, LLC.

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The Stockyards Redevelopment (East of 9th Street NW)

Water, Sewer and Streets District No. 1339

Project: This multi-phase project requested by GS5, LLC., will redevelop the former cattle stockyards east of 9th Street NW into heavy industrial usage. The original plan involved public right-of-way dedication for street systems and City maintained underground utilities. The revised scope includes public improvements to extend utility infrastructure to the property and wetland permitting and mitigation.

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West Fargo Sidewalk Installations

Sidewalk Improvement District No. 6056

Project: The project consists of sidewalks, multi-use paths and other associated items throughout the City. The locations of work are based on inventory collected in the field by City staff and consist of filling in missing gaps of sidewalks in developed areas and well as some rehabilitation work of deteriorated sidewalks and/or bike paths.

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37th Avenue E. and Veterans Boulevard Traffic Signal

Street Improvement District No. 2264

Project: Install a full traffic signal system adjacent to Sheyenne High School at the intersection of Veterans Boulevard and 37th Avenue E. Improvements will consistent of a 4-way traffic signal system, connection into existing fiber and roadway networks and surface reconstruction to reconfigure crosswalks and the geometry of the left turn lanes of Veterans Boulevard to ensure safe and adequate operations of the new signal system.

Estimate of probable cost (March 21, 2022): $776,190.88

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Past Special Assessment Projects

To find a property's special assessment allocation for a specific project, please visit the Property Info tool and search for your address. A chart of certified and pending special assessments is available at the bottom of each property's web page. You may have to scroll multiple times on your property's web page to reach this information.

  • Certified special assessments are projects that have completed construction and the special assessment confirmation process. These assessments are currently payable. 
  • Pending special assessments are estimates for projects that have not both completed construction and been confirmed. These assessments are not currently payable.

Information and agendas for the special assessment districts that were certified in 2022 are also available in the Archive Center.