Holiday Coloring Contest

The West Fargo Police Department's COPS Unit is hosting a Holiday coloring contest for children in preschool through 5th grade. 

Download: Holiday Coloring Contest Entry Form (PDF)


  • Participants must live or attend school in West Fargo. 
  • Entries judged in grade brackets: 
    • Preschool 
    • 1st-2nd grade
    • 3rd-5th grade
  • The penguin on page 1 and entry form on page 2 must be completed to be entered. 
  • Completed entries must be returned by Monday, Dec. 26, to the West Fargo Police Department. Forms can be mailed, dropped off, or returned to a School Resource Officer. 
    • Mail: 800 4th Ave. E., Suite 2, West Fargo, ND 58078
    • Drop-Off: North entrance dropbox or lobby window
    • School: Return to School Resource Officer
  • Submitted entries will be posted on West Fargo Police Department social media channels. 


  • One winner per age bracket will receive a West Fargo Police Department prize package. 
  • The winner will be announced on the West Fargo Police Department's Facebook page. 
  • Parent or legal guardian of the winner(s) will be contacted by phone to arrange pick up of the prize package.

Winter Safety Tips 

Make sure to follow these safety tips throughout the winter season. 

Winter Safety Tips at Home

  • Check to make sure your home has a carbon monoxide detector on every level. 
  • Keep cribs free of stuffed animals and extra blankets. A firm mattress covered with a tight-fitting crib sheet is all that is needed.
  • Create and practice a home fire escape plan with two ways out of your house in case of a fire.

Safety Tips for in the Car

  • If you need to warm a vehicle, remove it from the garage immediately after starting to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Do a quick walk-around before starting the car, especially if you park outside. Check to make sure your tailpipe is not blocked with snow.
  • Wearing bulky clothes or winter coats can prevent a snug fit of the harness. A child may appear to be securely snug in a car seat when in fact the harness is not tight because there is so much air in the jacket. Adjust the harness while your child’s coat is off, then put the coat on and re-buckle. 

Tips to Keep Safe while playing in the Snow

  • Wear warm layers and have kids come indoors periodically to prevent hypothermia or frostbite.
  • Stay safe by staying off frozen retention ponds and other iced over bodies of water. 
  • Make sure kids use the proper gear, like helmets, when they are skiing, snowboarding or playing ice hockey.

For more safety tips visit