Animal Licenses


City Ordinance 11-0102 requires that all dogs and cats over the age of 12 weeks must be licensed by the West Fargo Police Department. In order to license your pet, please bring proof that the rabies vaccination has been given and is current to the West Fargo Police Department. A Police Support Specialist will then issue the license after verifying that the proper vaccination has been given.

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Pet licenses for West Fargo residents can also be purchased at three vet clinics in West Fargo as well as the front desk at the Police Department during business hours.

West Fargo Animal Hospital

Healthy Paws Veterinary Clinic 

Two Rivers Veterinary Hospital


The charge for the first three dogs and/or cats is $6 per animal that is spayed/neutered and $10 for those who are not. For households exceeding three dogs and / or three cats, the cost is $100 per license for each additional dog or cat. We accept cash, check and money order. If you chose to pay with a debit / credit there is an additional fee of $2 or 3% of the total fee.


The license be valid until Dec. 31 of that year issued and will need to be renewed each year.

Snake Possession Permit

The City of West Fargo requires that all restricted non-venomous constricting snakes kept or maintained in the City have a permit and be registered with the City of West Fargo.

Rabies Protocol

The North Dakota Department of Health has Rabies Protocol Guidelines that can help to determine the procedure in case of an animal bite.