Bike Patrol

The West Fargo Police Department's bike patrol unit consists of seven specially certified officers who have completed police mountain bike training.

These officers serve on a regular patrol, but are utilized as needed in a bike patrol function. With a bike rack that mounts on the back of the squad cars, each officer is able to respond to calls and patrol areas where needed with the bike.
The West Fargo Police Department has used a bike patrol unit since 1995. The bike patrol is primarily used for patrol functions, but is also employed for special events including:
  • West Fest 
  • Night to Unite
  • Football games
  • Parades
  • Community gatherings
The Bike Patrol Unit is used to patrol areas such as city parks, community bike paths, outdoor pools, downtown areas and additional areas where a traditional vehicle may have difficulty maneuvering.


  • Bike officers can travel faster and further than foot officers, and they are able to patrol areas unreachable by car.
  • Bike patrol officers also serve as a public relations tool - attending a variety of community events.
  • Bike officers also have the ability to better enforce bicycle laws, monitor road conditions for bicyclists, promote bike safety, encourage crime prevention practices and promote officer fitness.
The bike patrol officers at the West Fargo Police Department encourage all bike riders, young and old, to wear your helmet. Accidents can happen very quickly.
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