Dan Hanson serves as the City Engineer to provide engineering services for the city. In this role, Hanson is responsible for coordinating, directing and implementing engineering policy and services; as well as overseeing activities, budget and performance of the engineering department.

Please contact the Engineering Department regarding pending special assessments.

ADA Transition Plan for Public Rights-of-Way

The City of West Fargo is seeking public comment on a plan to cover accessibility within public rights-of-way (ROW). 

Public ROW in the City include roadways and their adjacent facilities that serve a transportation purpose. This includes sidewalks, curb ramps, driveways, and signals. It does not include buildings, publicly accessible technology, recreational trails and facilities, and private property.

The City is required, under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and 28 CFR 35.105, to perform a self-evaluation of its current transportation infrastructure policies, practices, and programs. This self-evaluation will identify what policies and practices impact accessibility and examine how the City implements these policies. The goal of the self-evaluation is to verify that West Fargo policies and practices support providing accessibility and full participation by individuals with disabilities.

Capital Improvement Plan