Cleanup Week


Cleanup Week in the City of West Fargo will be May 1-5, 2023.

Cleanup Week Rules:

  • Stack all refuse in a neat and orderly fashion - separate household waste, inert and metal into piles at least three feet apart. 
  • Tires, appliances, and batteries are collected at the curb all year long on garbage collection days. 
    • Up to six tires will be accepted curbside and at the Transfer Station for West Fargo residents only. 
    • Two appliances will be accepted during Cleanup Week. All appliances must be empty and/or drained. 
  • Building materials will be collected, excluding concrete and dirt. 
  • Waste oil, paints, varnishes and other household hazardous waste should be taken directly to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility (603 43 1/2 Street N., Fargo). 
    • More information on Household Hazardous Waste can be found through this online link
  • Do not put yard waste or compost with regular garbage or with Cleanup Week collection items. 
    • See below for yard waste and compost disposal options. 
  • Recycling must be separated from any garbage or Cleanup Week materials. 
  • Loose cardboard must be recycled and will not be collected. 
  • Electronics such as televisions and computers should not be set out for pickup. 
    • Residents can take one television and one computer, per household, per month, to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility. 
  • All garbage should be placed in disposable containers. Please tie all bags. 
    • No oversized containers or bags to exceed 50 lbs. 
  • Branch and curbside brush collection begins the week following Cleanup Week. 

West Fargo Transfer Station: 

The City of West Fargo Transfer Station is located at 1620 Main Ave. W. in West Fargo. 

The Transfer Station accepts all Cleanup Week products that West Fargo residents would like to drop off, in addition to dirt and concrete. 

Please call 701-515-5400 for any additional questions. More information on the Transfer Station is available through this online link

Compost, Yard and Garden Waste:

The City of West Fargo does not collect yard waste and compost during Cleanup Week or during regular garbage collection. 

The current yard waste drop-off locations are: 

  • Department of Sanitation (117 8th St. W.)
  • Eagle Run Water Tower (40th Ave. S. and Sheyenne St.)
  • 17th St. E. (between 2nd Ave. E. and Starr Ave.)
  • Transfer Station (1620 Main Ave. W.)

More information on Compost, Yard and Organic Waste can be found through this online link.