The Wilds South Storm Sewer Lift Station

About this Project

The Wilds South area, is a master planned residential development (“Property”) that is ongoing, and consists of the entire area south of 52nd Avenue West within the City of West Fargo (“City”) limits. 

The existing PTO pump and temporary pumping measures are inadequate for a long term solution and are undersized for the volume of stormwater runoff generated by the proposed residential development on the Property. The master plan of the development anticipated a stormwater lift station to raise the water over the levee and into the Diversion. 

The improvements consist of a stormwater lift station, force mains and associated site improvements to service the stormwater runoff on the Property. This will result in permanent City infrastructure in place to handle the City’s requirements for stormwater generated by the developed Property. The total cost of the project to install the Improvements is estimated to be approximately $2,825,000. 

Project Schedule

  • Begin Date: March 2019
  • Estimated End Date: June 2020
  • Percent Complete: 65%

Completed Work

  • Discharge base slab
  • Diversion rip rap
  • Excavation for control building
  • Existing lift station demolition
  • Mud mat, lift station base and second wall section poured
  • Discharge pipe installed into SE Cass property
  • Forcemain up to Diversion

Current Work

  • Generator building

Upcoming Work

  • Lift station construction
  • Outfall structure
  • Final grading/seeding