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March 13, 2023 1:38 PM

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Moorhead

Emerald ash borer is a wood boring insect originally from Asia which was first found in the U.S. in 2002. It has since spread to 36 states and killed hundreds of millions of ash trees. Emerald ash borer adults do not fly more than a mile or two on their own; however, they can be moved long distances through the movement of firewood and ash nursery stock.

North Dakota has more than 90 million ash trees in native and rural forests, and ash trees make up between 20% to 80% of the trees along city streets and parks. Unless treated, infested ash trees can be killed in a few years. However, treatments are not recommended until emerald ash borer is detected within 15 miles. Homeowners are urged to contact a licensed, reputable tree care company if they decide to treat an ash tree.

“This detection, just 2 miles from the North Dakota border, is now the nearest detection to our state,” Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said. “The North Dakota Department of Agriculture and our partners have been preparing for emerald ash borer’s eventual arrival for many years. NDDA maintains a quarantine that restricts movement of regulated commodities such as firewood from infested areas and will be expanded to include the newly infested area. North Dakota residents and travelers are urged to be proactive to keep emerald ash borer from spreading.”

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