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Child Care Facility Improvement Grant Application

  1. I have read and understand the Grant Application Guidelines.*
  2. I have read and completed the Eligible Item Worksheet*
  3. Is the business licensed in the State of North Dakota?*
  4. Will grant funds be used for an EXISITING or NEW operation?*
  5. Is the business operating an in-home child care or a child care center?*
  6. Does this business OWN or LEASE the space they are currently operating?*
  7. Is business current on payment of West Fargo taxes and special assessments?*
  8. Is business located in the City of West Fargo?*
  9. Is business owned by a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident?*
  10. Any improvements completed with grant funds must comply with City of West Fargo zoning and building codes.*
  11. Provider TypePotential CapacityMaximum Award Amount

    In-Home Child Care

    7 Children


    Group Home Child Care

    20+ Children


    School Age Center

    20 + Children


    Early Learning Centers

    20+ Children


  12. Child care centers only

  13. Provide a brief narrative of how this grant will impact your business, and how your use of funds will meet the grant program goals.

    You may upload this summary as a Word Document or PDF in the space below. If so, please enter "Document Provided" in the Request Summary space.

  14. May include:
    -Contractors Estimate
    -Budget Plans
    -Itemized Contract for Service
    -Business Plans

    Each project is different. Please contact West Fargo Economic Development to determine which documents you may need.

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