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  1. Adult Book Club Evaluation

    Book clubs are a long-running program of West Fargo Public Library, but that doesn't mean we can't continue to improve them. Please... More…

  2. Contact Us - Children's Services Librarian (Ready to Read)
  3. Donation Inquiry Form
  4. Library Book Club Participant Interest Form
  5. Meeting Room Reservation Sign up
  6. Post-Career Readiness Challenge Evaluation
  7. Post-Program Adult Evaluation - Financial Literacy
  8. Recommendation for Purchase Form
  9. Teen Advisory Board Interest Form

    Fill out this quick form to let us know you are potentially interested in joining the Teen Advisory Board

  10. West Fargo Public Library Public Input

    Share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or concerns with West Fargo Public Library staff using this form.

  1. Book Bundle Hold Request Form

    Fill out this form to request a book bundle about a specific topic.

  2. Daycare Book Delivery Request
  3. Library Board Inquiry: MAT Bus Stops

    The Library Board is conducting research around a MAT Bus stop being added to the route in West Fargo to stop specifically at the West... More…

  4. Library Experience Testimonial Form
  5. Pine Needle Basketry Interest Form
  6. Post-Program Adult Evaluation
  7. Post-Program Adult Evaluation - Technology Tutoring
  8. Staff Training Day Feedback
  9. Volunteering with West Fargo Public Library - Technology Tutors
  10. West Fargo Public Library Senior Delivery Partner Feedback

    In effort to evaluate our senior outreach route, this survey will capture feedback from our senior home partners.