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Meeting Room Reservation Sign up

  1. Did you review the West Fargo Public Library Meeting Room Reservation Policy and do you agree to its contents?*
  2. Please provide some details about what the room will be used for. 

  3. Is this a single meeting or a series of meetings?*
  4. Please explain the dates and times you are requesting reservations for your series of meetings.

  5. Do you intend to charge admission for this event?*

    Please review the West Fargo Public Library meeting room reservations policy linked at the top of this application. 

  6. Please explain. Equipment is subject to availability.

  7. Please note: Light snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments are allowed, however, no kitchen facilities are available at the library. 

  8. Your submission of this form does not mean the room is reserved to you. A staff person will follow up with you to approve or deny your reservation and discuss next steps.
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